WHEN PHOTOGRAPHING THE LANDSCAPE, what you see is the most important element of photography. True, you must be able to handle the technical aspects of the medium to get it on paper, but no amount of technical expertise will help you if you don't see the image first.

TO SEE PHOTOGRAPHICALLY, you must learn to look at the world around you and respond to the opportunities that present themselves. I photograph things that strike me as unique, perhaps representing the nuances of a peculiar light or an unusually pleasing arrangement of objects. I photograph for myself. Not that I don’t want other people to enjoy my photographs because I do, but when I am behind the camera I respond emotionally to my subject and I record, not what I am looking at, but what I see.

I DON'T MAKE PHOTOGRAPHIC "STATEMENTS". My photographs speak to me in terms of composition and balance, line, texture and the play of subtle gray tones all performing harmoniously. I see things emotionally and in black and white and I photograph in a modest attempt to capture and share what I see and feel.

AS YOU STUDY THESE PHOTOGRAPHS, I hope you enjoy them as I do, without innuendo or the burden of social comment. These are images for the soul; peaceful, relaxing reminders of the world around us.